• New Site! New Post! New Video!

    July 28, 2016 | News
  • A new website!!??!! Whaaaat???

    When an old car starts leaking oil…you replace it.
    When an old CD starts skipping…you buy a new one.
    When an old website starts to look like it was created during the Eisenhower Administration…..


    Want to know where I’m playing? It’s right here.
    Want to know when my next Songwriting Masterclass is? It’s right here.
    How about pictures? You wanna see pictures of me in embarrassing poses and compromising outfits? Poor wardrobe choices form the 70’s? They’re HERE, baby!!!

    Songs? Oh, don’t get me started on songs. We are going to be putting up songs like crazy. You are all going to be ass deep in songs. Every time I write a new song we are going to put it up on the website so you can listen to it. Stream it, as the kids say. Of course, if you would like to own the song…you can click on it and buy it so you can enjoy it anywhere you go in this great big wonderful world. You can also by any and all CD’s I have made during what I laughingly refer to as “my career.”

    To celebrate the new site, our inaugural offering to you is my new song: “Talking To Cows”
    It comes with a cartoon for your visual, as well as aural, gratification. This is a song I wrote that asks the eternal question “Can a person get so drunk that he can have meaningful conversations with animals?”

    The answer, obviously, is “Yes”.

    Enjoy the new site…browse around…leave a message if you have suggestions on how WE can better serve YOU…my friends and fans.