• Music

  • Juggler's Logic

    You always drop one in the beginning of your routine. You let it slip through your hands so the crowd is that much more impressed when you do it full speed and perfectly at the end. That is called "Juggler's Logic."

    This beautiful collection of solo written songs contains eleven wonderful examples of Gary's art, passion and occasionally his sense of humor.  It leads off with "Love Is Out There,"  an optimistic romp of banjos and mandolins... "Run Along," an expression of the surprise felt by someone who suddenly finds himself not needing the tears anymore... and "Still A Desperado," a song about maybe losing a step or two as we get older but still seeing a rebel when we look in the mirror.

  • Marianne's

    Sometimes an artist just has things to get off his chest. Here is an album that is a snapshot of me at one of my creative peaks. This cd is a collection of hits waiting to happen.  Some of my friends stopped by to lend a hand.... Faith Hill on the gospel tinged "Salvation", Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and Keith Urban rocking on "Nicely Done." Shawn Colvin harmonizing on "Younger": a beautiful song about dreams you may just be putting off till it's too late. A must have for fans, if I say so myself. And I do.

  • Stop Me...

    The whole enchilada. Almost ALL of my major hits done the way fans of songwriters say they want to hear them.... by the person who wrote them. I assembled an ace band of the top players in Nashville and gave you MY version of everything from Conway Twitty's "That's My Job" to Tim McGraw's "Can't Be Really Gone." A massive eighteen song collection with my trademark humorous comments and jokes between them. Fifteen bucks. That's a burger and a coke. After you're done, what have you got? You got nothin. With this...you got something to listen to on the way home from the diner!!!

  • Lime Creek

    A few years ago a wonderful novelist named Joe Henry asked me to write songs with him that would accompany a one man stage play starring Anthony Zerbe. It seemed like a wonderful way to stretch and the book he was writing was so deep and evocative that I jumped at the chance. The result is "Lime Creek". This cd captures a mans passage through the tumult of a traveling life. This was staged in Denver and was one of the great thrills of my life. I know you will enjoy the music from it. Close your eyes and picture Anthony on stage while you listen. He's the one on the left. No, YOUR left.