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  • Blue Sky Riders

    Gary's band consisting of Gary, Georgia Middleman, and the Dangerzone man himself, Kenny Loggins! Check out their site for great music and band-related news and tour dates!

    Georgia Middleman

    Official site of Georgia Middleman, hit songwriter of Keith Urban's "I'm In" and many more! Always a favorite co-writer of Gary's and a member of Gary's band BLUE SKY RIDERS!

    Kenny Loggins

    Official site of Kenny Loggins, the man, the mystery, and a member of Gary's band BLUE SKY RIDERS!

    Carole King

    Carole King's official web site. Check out all the latest info on the iconic songwriter and her albums.

    Middleman Burr

    What happens when two singer/songwriters who love writing and singing together also LIVE together and their cable goes out? They do what any creative couple would do….they form a duo, make a cd and hit the road!!! Catch up on all things Middleman/Burr…upcoming shows…new music…photos and videos!!