• Frequently Asked Questions:


    There are a few questions we get a lot, and always give the same answer to, so before you write us the same one, here’s our answer hot and ready for you!


    1. Can I write a song with Gary?

    Short Answer: Sadly, no.

    Long Answer: Because of Gary’s schedule these days, the small amount of time that he spends writing he uses only with either fully established writers (who have a good track record of getting hits), people that he is familiar with, or people with recording contracts. Besides, if Gary wrote with every person that wrote in wanting to write with him, he’d be booked until he was 90.


    2. Can I send a song or lyrics for Gary to listen to?

    Short Answer: No. Any songs received by mail will be returned unopened, and any sent by email will be deleted without being downloaded or opened, and you will be notified of such.

    Sound mean? Well here’s the reason behind it: It all comes down to legal problems. We all know how music can get stuck in your head… well, that happens to writers too. If Gary were to listen to or read an unpublished songs, and then unconsciously use parts of it in a song he was writing, and that song gets cut, then the real owner of that bit of song can then demand to be called a writer or sue, and we have legal issues on hand.

    But, if Gary has never had a chance to listen to or read it, but happens to write something similar by his own skills, we can prove that he never heard the other song due to it never having been opened. So, due not only to writer’s common sense, but also due to our hermetically-sealed room full of lawyers and those that run Gary’s publishing, we simply will not accept music or lyrics from anyone.