• Breaking & Entering

      October 19, 2016 | News

      Last weekend I did a little B&E. Yeah. You heard me. (read me) Breaking and Entering. A felony. Or a misdemeanor. One of those words they used to say on L A Law. That’s right…I’m a badass. I went to my [...]

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    • New Video - Country

      September 14, 2016 | News
      New Video - Country

      Since so many of you (well over sixteen by last count) enjoyed my last song cartoon “Talking To Cows”, I have decided to dip into the well once again and give to you…. “Country”  

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    • Make My Life...

      September 9, 2016 | News
      Make My Life...

      Every song I have written has a story behind it. Not every song has an INTERESTING story behind it…but there is some sort of tale to be told for each song. Someday I will be putting all these stories into a book. [...]

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      Check out the video clip from our April 2016 Songwriting Masterclass held here in Nashville. It was such a great success we're doing it again... OCTOBER 21st - 23rd in Nashville TN

      • A weekend of seminars, advice, and coaching by Hall of Fame songwriter Gary Burr, covering all styles and techniques.
      • Get one-on-one critiques and lectures by Gary and other world-class songwriters.
      • Increase your output and creativity.
      • Learn the tricks, tips, and shortcuts that Gary has amassed over forty years of songwriting.
      • Unlearn bad habits and replace them with proven technique.
      • Overcome writer's block.
      • Raise your game whether you are a novice looking to learn or an established writer looking to revitalize your passion.

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    • Gary Burr Songwriting Master Class - October 2016